Those Are 5 Mistakes That Will Turn Your Presentation Day Into A Nightmare


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In the end of presentation day. The result such as a potential client refuses proposal or investors do not want put any additional investment will be a bad news. The presentation was fail.

Although, we already have prepared all materials for presentation very well or deliver it in fascinating way, it is not enough.

The denial or uninteresting audiences such as clients, investors or even superiors in our presentation because we do not aware that we make mistakes in preparing materials and delivering the presentation.

This article is trying to observe 5 (five) common mistakes in preparing and delivering presentation based on personal experience as an audience or as presenter.

Lets find out.

Mistake #1 Too Much Humor. Do not even think that if you take too much humor will make audiences stay and follow the rest of the presentation. Unfortunately, we are not participating in stand up comedy audition. We are presenting proposal that audiences will take action on it.

Of course, some jokes are needed in the middle of presentation to refresh the audiences that looks tired while it is full of texts and numbers. The purpose of using humor is to give relaxation before the presentation move from one topic to another.

However, put some humors on delivering project proposal, research result or data or information that needs important decision, will make the purpose of presentation bias.

Mistake #2 : Text Only. The boredom level of audiences increase when you deliver the presentation just only show texts without any image or pictures on it to illustrate the topic.

The text only presentation will make the audiences hard to have deep analysis whenever they need to make decision.

It is definitely good, whenever you present the research result such as education and gender of your respondents in diagram pie or presenting sales progress of division in graphic in past 5 months. It will attract the audiences.

Sometimes, the text only presentation is worsen with the bad quality of lay out. The first impression from the audiences about it is you are not well prepared in delivering presentation.

Mistake #3 : Lack of Communication. The audiences are not mannequins. They are potential clients, investor, customers, or superior. They attend our presentation to hear and to react what we are trying to propose.

In other words, make communication with them. For example, in one or two particular topic ask one audience to share his or her experience briefly. Or ask them about their agreement or disagreement. This effort is a way to find out whether the audiences still with us or not in following the presentation.

Even though there will be a discussion in the end of presentation, we can see the reaction of the audiences in the middle of our presentation. Take an action before they decide to leave the room because we are delivering presentation without acknowledge them.

Mistake #4 : Put all the texts from the reference. The initial purpose is want to present a complete content. However, the result is we looks like to try reading a page of book not delivering a presentation.

If you want to refer a book as a reference, just name it, the audiences will find it by themselves. It is one way how to find out, whether our audiences is interested in our material or not. Using bullet points is recommended to make it easy to deliver presentation.

It is your own duty as a presenter to make a resume from reference that you refer in presentation. Make the resume in simple way but effective.

Mistake #5 : The audiences do not understand. This is truly a nightmare for a presenter. No one asks for question on open discussion in the end of presentation. This situation sometimes reflects that the audiences do not understand presentation that you delivered.

Remember the rule of thumb that we should recognize audiences before we make a presentation? Do it. There are audiences who loves numbers. Some others love to attend presentation about tutorial. And many more. Recognize them before you start everything. Make sure you have effective presentation.

That’s all the mistakes we should pay attention if we want to deliver a good presentation. Avoiding the mistakes will achieve the goals of presentation.

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